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There is a reserved parking lot for up to five caravans in Sinsheim. The parking lot is free of charge and can be used year-round. The duration of stay should not be more than two days.


Schwimmbadweg 11b, directly next to the Helmut-Gmelin Stadium. A walking path leads to the Automotive and Technical Museum as well as to the trade fair grounds. It is a 10-minute walk to the inner city. There is a restaurant in the immediate vicinity.

Facilities and Subsurface

The parking lot is asphalted and level
A garbage container is present.
There is a sanitary container with showers and WCs that can be used. To do so, a key must be retrieved close-by at the public swimming pool or at the tourist-info for a € 20 security deposit.

Freshwater Supply

Available via the sanitary water storage container.

Sewage Removal

Can be done at the Sinshim waste and water treatment plant located at Lange Strasse 40.


A 6 from Heilbronn – take exit Sinsheim-Steinsfurt
From Mannheim – take exit Sinsheim

to the B 39, B 45 and B 292

There are signs indicating the way to the caravan parking lot.


Tourist information

Wilhelmstr. 14-18
74889 Sinsheim
Phone: 0049 (0) 7261 404-109
Fax: 0049 (0) 7261 404-4510
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