Stadt- und Freiheitsmuseum (City and Freedom Museum)

Gebäude Stadt- und Freiheitsmuseum

The City and Freedom Museum housed in the historical Town Hall offers a fascinating insight into the eventful history of Sinsheim. Evidence from every century, didactically well presented, shows that hardly an era of history passed without leaving a trace in Sinsheim. Sinsheim was a stronghold of the German democracy and freedom movement of 1848/49.

From the old Town Hall (now the City and Freedom Museum), the apothecary Gustav Mayer proclaimed the Democratic Republic and then marched with 250 armed rebels to Heidelberg, to support the Hecker uprising…

Opening times:

Sundays: 11:00-17:00
Except for Easter Monday, May 1, Ascension Day, October 3 and 2nd day of Christmas: 11:00-17:00
Wednesdays: 14:00-17:00


Available with prior registration: + 49 (0)7261 404-950

Additional tours:

Steinsberg Castle, Historical walking tour of Sinsheim - Price for 15 – 20 Persons - € 50.00
Groups larger than 20 persons € 3.00 per pers


City and Freedom Museum

Stadt- und Freiheitsmuseum
Hauptstraße 92
74889 Sinsheim

Tel. +49 (0)7261 404-950