Sunnisheim Monastery

Former Benedictine Monastery

Sinsheim’s historic landmark has always been the imposing monastery tower on the Michaelsberg.
The Monastery Church currently houses the Cultural Center of the Rhein-Neckar region, where the Rhein-Neckar Cultural Foundation regularly organizes concerts and exhibitions.

The outer complex of the former Benedictine Monastery, which is today used as a youth center, can be visited at any time.
Visits to the tower and the former Monastery Church can be arranged by telephone.

Stift Sunnisheim

On request, tours can also be requested for groups on the following themes:

1. Tour of the Stift Sunnisheim Youth Center with special focus on the youth support facilities offered here.
2. Tour through the existing historic buildings and information on the history of the Benedictine Monastery on the Michaelsberg.

Booking via:
Jugendeinrichtung Stift Sunnisheim gGmbH
Stiftsstraße 15
74889 Sinsheim

Tel. +49 (0)7261 693-0


Building explanations

1. Church
Built 1100 -1533
The former center point of the monastery remains only as a frame. Originally, the basilica had another two sides and a transept that was destroyed along with the choir over the course of the centuries.
Noteworthy here is the interior Gothic jube. Sections of its painting date back to the 17th Century when the entire nave was painted.
After the monastery was closed, the building was used for storage.
During the 1930s, a concrete intermediate ceiling was added.
The upper section serves as functional space.

2. Dormitory and Refectory

(sleeping and common rooms for the monks)
Today: administration, conference space, youth club

3. Pestalozzi House
Built in 1927 as a so-called “fortified building” with individual cells for “delinquent children.”
All of the building’s windows were barred.
A statue of the Swiss pedagogue Pestalozzi is found above the entrance.

4. Sunnisheim Building
A typical building from the time of the House of Salvation Movement.
Completed in this form in the year the home was founded, 1889.
However, a stone located at the right of the base of the courtyard entrance gives record of the actual year of construction.
The text on the stone says:

5. Tower and Building
The form of today’s building was determined by the reconstruction in 1622 using base walls from the Middle Ages (mentioned left, above the arch).
The tower has a Gothic and Roman arch.
Today, two small groups are housed in these buildings.

6. Living Quarters of the Monastery Guard
In the wall to the left of the entry is an ornamental stone from the former building showing the coat-of-arms of the von Habern (two axes).
Above the entrance, there is a keystone with the monastery’s emblem, the two angels, and the year 1787.
Today’s personnel quarters are in the space of a building that was torn down in 1972 and has the same architecture and size.


Tourist information

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