Heimatmuseum Hoffenheim (Hoffenheim Local Museum)

The “Heimatmuseum” in the district of Hoffenheim is a small rural museum housed in the historic premises of the “Alte Post”, connected to the inner courtyard in place of the farmer tithe barn.
The main theme of the museum is the depiction of local ways of life, living and working in Hoffenheim in the 19th century, together with association and craftsmanship industries and the history of the nobility. Items particularly worth seeing include the old association flags, a loom over 200 years old with grotesques, which has been made serviceable again, the documentation of the monument of the first local Lord of the von Gemmingen family, of General Eberhard Friedrich, items of school and church history, and most recently on the history of the TSG 1899 Hoffenheim.

Special guided tours by telephone arrangement.


Hoffenheim Local Museum

Heimatverein Hoffenheim
Waibstadter Str. 12
74889 Sinsheim

Opening times:
April - October
every 1st Sunday in the month

November - March
As storytelling café every 1st Sunday in the month

Tel. +49 (0)7261 2770