Automotive & Technology Museum with 3D IMAX cinema

Auto und Technik Museum Luftbild

Concorde, vintage cars, racing cars and much more

On a hall area of 30,000 m², visitors can see over 3,000 exhibits from all fields of technology. The main attractions are the two supersonic airliners, Concorde and the Tupolev 144, which sit enthroned on huge steel columns on the museum roof, and can be seen completely from the inside. In the various Museum halls, there is something to discover for everyone: classic cars and motorcycles of all eras, huge steam locomotives, Formula 1 legends, racy sports cars and much more. Numerous vehicle meetings and special exhibitions provide additional variety.

An unforgettable experience is a visit to the IMAX 3D film theatre, which bears no comparison to a normal movie theater. Experience “Filme zum Anfassen” (“Films you can touch”).
Package offers for individuals and groups with or without overnight stays can be booked on the Internet: www.technik-museum.de/shop.


Automotive & Technology Museum with 3D IMAX cinema

Auto & Technik Museum Sinsheim
IMAX 3D Film Theater
74889 Sinsheim

Opening times:
365 days per year from 09:00 to 18:00

Tel. +49 (0)7261 9299-0